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Bypass Internet censorship with friGate CDN

friGate is a browser addon for Chrome and Firefox to quickly help you bypass Internet filtering without you having install software in your computer. The extension has many configuration options, advanced computer users will like the many preferences that this proxy addon allows you. friGate requires a ...Read More

Anonymous torrent downloads with Tribler

Tribler is an open source bitTorrent client developed by the Delft University of Technology, TU Delft, in the Netherlands. What makes this program different from the other dozen file sharing clients is that it includes a unique built-in peer proxy bouncing technology routing data across multiple peers before reaching its final ...Read More

Email providers connection logs table

Last week I emailed 14 different email providers and identifying myself as a blogger I asked them about their connection logs retention policy, here are the answers: Would it be possible for you to let me know for how long does your email service keep customer connection ...Read More

Decentralised Internet platform MaidSafe

Maidsafe is a decentralised Internet platform where users contribute computer storage space, CPU power and bandwidth to form an autonomous ecosystem, the more people join the network, the more resources are available. A denial of service attack or censorship attempt would be extremely arduous to carry ...Read More

Digital image forensics with Ghiro

Ghiro is an open source tool for image analysis and metadata extraction.  You can install it in a dedicated server or download the .ova appliance for Virtualbox or VMware. Either way you get a web interface to upload images and observe a deep overview of the ...Read More