Anonymous encrypted webchat with Echoplexus

Echoplexus is a web based platform for anonymous encrypted chat. It can be used to broadcast text, source code, real time drawings and P2P voice or video calls using  WebRTC, an application programming interface enabling web browser Real-Time Communications (RTC) that works with Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

Just like in IRC, anybody can create an Echoplexus public or private channel. When on a public chatroom, you can post encrypted messages that are only readable with the correct password or private PGP encryption key, the other people in the chatroom without the password will only see gibberish text.

A PGP encryption keypair can be created for you in the browser, or you can upload your own encryption keys that are never transferred to the server, encryption takes place in the browser using Javascript.

Anonymous online encrypted chat Echoplexus

Anonymous online encrypted chat Echoplexus

A chatroom administrator can configure what options should be available to participants, like being able to embed image or Youtube links in the channel, which is not recommended for impervious privacy.

Echoplexus interface lets you jump from text chat to pasting code or making a P2P video call using the tabbed interface on top. The right hand side taskbar lets you see all nicks in the chatroom and embed links. Switching in between an encrypted message or plain text only needs a tab switch. Everything is beginner friendly, easier than IRC while welcoming  advanced users IRC command line.

There is no need to trust the server administrator, Echoplexus open source nature allows you to download and set up your own anonymous private chat server. One of the future Echoplexus goals is to build a distributed network of servers ran by different people in different countries.

There is a Firefox OS mobile app in the Firefox marketplace but none for Android or iPhone, however, you should be able to chat in Echoplexus with any mobile device and a browser  that supports HTML5, but not all features will work.

I liked the modular way Echoplexus is being built, the security components and uncomplicated use. I find Echoplexus much better than Crytpocat due to its wider range of choices and security details working with trusted PGP encryption.

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