AttackVector Linux for penetration testing using Tor

AttackVector Linux is a Debian based distribution combining elements from Kali, a Linux operating system for penetration testing, and Tails, a Linux distribution for anonymous Internet communications that routes all traffic to the Tor proxy network, AttackVector aims to anonymize attacks just like malicious hackers do in real life incursions, it has been build from scratch using Debian Live-build, a tool to create custom Debian Live systems, using Kali as base and adding the Tor project to the distribution to anonymize attack sources.

In AttackVector you will find the same hacking tools that come with Kali (from BackTrack developers), the drop menu even says “Kali Linux” before expanding to specific spoofing, exploit attacks, vulnerability analysis, hardware hacking and information gathering tools. You can see Vidalia control panel at the bottom of the screen informing you that you are connected to Tor and allowing you to change exit Tor node if needed.

AttackVector Linux Tor proxy network

AttackVector Linux Tor proxy network

This Linux distribution will not leave any trace on the computer when operated as a live DVD, installation is optional. It might be considered a black hat hacking tool, it could do lots of damage with no way to trace back malicious hackers, the only possible protection I can envision from a tool like this is for a system administrator to ban all tor exit nodes from accessing the network, but it is not easy to keep an updated list.

There is no documentation yet, it is on the todo list together with full disk encryption with LUKS and HTTPS everywhere. I didn’t think this is a novelty product, you could use Liberté Linux and add hacking tools to accomplish the same result or install Tor and hacking tools in Windows plus Truecrypt, but the most valuable penetration testing tools are only found in Linux and this is the operating system a real hacker should engage with since most servers are Linux based too.

Note: Distribution is an alpha version in early development.

Visit AttackVector Linux homepage

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