Bluetooth and Wi-fi hacking with WarCarrier

WarCarrier is a Linux ncurses tool to search for Wi-fi, and Bluetooth devices from a moving vehicle (wardriving) using a laptop or mobile device. WarCarrier GPS funcionality interfaces with a module that contains updated information on GPS satellites, Bluetooth supports Ubertooth Bluetooth, an open source 2.4 GHz wireless dongle.

For those who don’t know ncurses (new curses) is programming library to write a text based interface, do not be afraid of this, WarCarrier has a very pleasant well structured and coloured interface easy to figure out. One of the main strengths of this software is instant data logging that can take snapshots with satellite data (latitude, longitude and altitude), access points Mac addresses, and what kind of Wi-fi encryption is in place (WEP, WPA, WPA2), data can be saved as .txt or .html.

WarCarrier bluetooth and Wi-fi hacking

WarCarrier bluetooth and Wi-fi hacking

Logging will be of great use in a crowded city with multiple access points, you could drive around with your laptop behind the seat gathering data, stop for twenty minutes to look at the logs and go back to your desired target using the GPS coordinates listed in the logs. Or coordinates could be combined with Google maps to see a visual representation of Bluetooth and Wi-fi devices in the vicinity. If your target is not approachable by car it is possible to attach an antenna to your wardriving device and extend its range.

The application will be included in a future hacking live DVD of the same name being developed. Advanced Linux users can already download WarCarrier tool code, you will need to have Airodump-ng installed for WiFi monitoring and logging.

Visit WarCarrier homepage

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