Defeat trojan keyloggers with KeyScrambler

A keylogger is designed to capture every single keystroke you enter on your keyboard, it is one of the most effective ways to spy on someone and steal data, keyloggers are able to capture email passwords, credit card details and encrypted container passwords. The first line of defence to stop a keylogger from infecting your computer is a good antivirus, the second line of defence, once a keylogger has managed to make it into your computer, is to use a virtual keyboard but this will slow you down and is still vulnerable to trojan horses taking screenshots.

KeyScrambler defeats keyloggers by encrypting keystrokes at keyboard level using Blowfish-128bit and an asymmetric RSA 1024bit key, the space key is also encrypted, a malicious trojan horse capturing keystrokes will only manage to gather undecipherable data, there is no need to read anything to use KeyScrambler it allows the user to work as usual with no learning curve, a small green toolbar sits on top of the browser and automatically activates when you enter data  confirming that it is working.

KeyScrambler toolbar

KeyScrambler toolbar

This program is ideal for protection against new sophisticated keyloggers not detected by any antivirus in the market, the kind of trojans state sponsored spy agencies use, anyone working in a financial environment should have a tool like this installed in their computer. The application could be improved with some antiscreen capturing feature, passwords are normally behind asterisks, but what you see on the screen could still be read through screenshots. KeyScrambler free version is very limited, it only works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Flock, any browser addon like Lastpass password manager will also be supported. The paid for version of KeyScrambler version adds East Asian languages input, protects Windows Explorer, Windows logon screen and extra applications like the Opera browser, Safari, Chrome browser, Winrar, Notepad, iTunes, Filezilla, Truecrypt, Bestscrypt, LibreOffice, Skype, long etc .

KeyScrambler does not defeat hardware keyloggers it only starts working once the keystrokes have reached the Windows kernel working at driver level, in order for someone to install a hardware keylogger they will need physical access to the computer, most users are not at this level of risk, I think that this a good tool to have for high security environments.

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