Google Chrome Ghost Incognito extension for privacy mode

Ghost Incognito is a Chrome browser extension to make sure that certain websites are only opened in Incognito mode, Incognito mode (aka private browsing) in Google Chrome is activated using the CTRL+Shift+N and it stops your Internet browser from locally storing information about the websites you visit, like cookies, cache or history, all of your activities run in RAM memory and once you close the browser everything is gone for good. Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera all have a privacy browser mode.

Ghost Incognito Google Chrome

Ghost Incognito Google Chrome

The main benefit of Ghost Incognito is that you can browse the Internet normally at work or school and have the browser configured to visit sites like Facebook only using privacy mode avoiding leaving any recoverable passwords, usernames and Internet history in a public computer. By default, all porn .xxx domain names will open using Incognito mode. When you type a URL that has been set up to run in private mode a new window automatically opens, but I noticed that the first typed URL triggering Incognito mode is remembered by the browser, this is a flaw that I hope the developers can fix in next releases, another possible problem is that the URLs you have added to Ghost Incognito extension configuration will be visible by anyone with access to your Internet browser, I can see this extension being useful for a portable Google Chrome browser but not much more.

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