Jitsi the encrypted chat software with VoIP and video

Jitsi is an instant messenger with VoIP and videochat compatible with any other IM software supporting SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), an application layer protocol for voice over IP, XMMP/Jabber (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol), an open standard communications protocol used by Google Talk and most open source instant messengers, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, AIM, Bonjour, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger and Facebook chat, one of the few not supported IM is Skype.

Call encryption is implemented with SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol), a protocol with no effect on voice quality providing encryption using the AES cipher as default, authentication and message integrity, together with ZRTP, an open source protocol from Zfone for public key encryption in VoIP chats that can also be found in secure Linux instant messengers like SFLphone.

Jitsi encryption chat software

Jitsi encryption instant messenger

Jitsi IM main features

  • Encrypted audio and video calls
  • Support for most instant messenger software
  • Call recording in SIP and XMPP (MSN in progress)
  • File transfer preview, small photo thumbnail preview before accepting file

This secure instant messenger will encrypt video and voice calls across all services, including group chats, besides that, feature wise is pretty basic with little to show other than emoticons, text formatting, file transfer preview and avatars, this is a useful chat software with IPv6 support for those who care about privacy and security in VoIP and video conferences with no interest in playing songs while chatting or changing the IM skin/looks, a great IM for businesses due to its security and lack of bells and whistles that tend to reduce productivity while chatting, the messenger itself can be password protected and passwords are stored encrypted.

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