LocBox adds encryption to files stored in the cloud

This addon utility will encrypt your files before they are sent for storage to the cloud, it is a good way to securely share folders online. Some online storage services that do not use encryption or services with a backdoor in their “encrypted” servers, like DropBox, will find it impossible to look at your files if you have encrypted them with LocBox before uploading it. This tool for secure cloud storage uses the AES256 cipher and SHA256 for encryption, there is no backdoor, if the key you have used to encrypt the files is erased, there will be no way to access the files.

The best feature of LocBox is probably how easy it makes to share files with multiple people, you can create various encryption keys and store all of the files in the same folder, because they have been encrypted with a different key, not everyone will be capable to access them even if they see the files. LocBox makes it very easy for users to identify what key has been used to encrypt each file, when someone access the folder online he will be able to identify his own files by looking at the used encryption keyfile.

LocBox cloud files encryption

LocBox cloud files encryption

The premium version of LocBox can be run off a USB thumbdrive, what I believe could be improved is that the password is shown in clear text and not behind asterisks, this is not suitable to be used at public computers where anyone could see what you type on the screen, on the other hand LocBox advantage over other encryption utilities is that it does not require administrator rights (once installed in the thumbdrive) which is one of the main obstacles when using portable encryption programs at public computers (internet cafe, library,etc).

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