Open source password generator Cryptnos

Cryptnos is a small open source program to create pseudo-random passwords out of cryptographic hashes (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, RIPEMD-160, Whirlpool and Tiger 1995 original), it associates a website domain name with the passphrase of your choice and combines it with a hashing algorithm with as many iterations as you like, to create a unique password as randomly as it is possible using software, the user is able to specify what characters the created password can contain, i.e. numeric, alphanumeric, and specify the password length.

Open source password generator CryptoNos

Open source password generator CrypNos

Generated passwords are never stored and the parameters used to create them are kept encrypted with AES256 making it easy to securely export and import the settings to another computer, a platform independent Java version of Cryptonos is in future plans, at the moment you can use a Windows installable version that gives you help tooltips hoovering the mouse over the input boxes, an Android phone version without support for SD cards due to security reasons, and a webpage with configurable settings to decide on how to create your random passwords online without needing to install anything and on the go.

The program download page includes the software digital signature, a good practise that not many software distribution sites use, of use to check if anyone has modified the program you are about to download and changed it with another version full of malware.

BTW: The lion in the background is my desktop wallpaper and not part of the program 🙂

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