Quickly lock Windows in your absence with WinLockr

This free open source application will quickly lock your Windows computer while you are away doing something else and do not want to switch off the computer.

WinLockr is an easy to use application that besides locking the screen, it will disable the mouse and keyboard for extra protection, a key combination enables it again. The locked screen is replete of appropriate details, informing the user at what time the computer screen was locked and the failed unlock and shutdown attempts, WinLockr also protects against computer shut-off. If someone discovers your password to unlock the computer it will not be enough, they will also need to know the key combination to activate the keyboard to enter it in the login screen.

WinLockr to lock Windows desktop

WinLockr to lock Windows desktop

If you choose it, you can set up WinLockr to unlock and lock your computer using a USB key instead of a password this makes locking Windows very quick and impossible for others to see what password you typed in since there isn’t one. Windows accounts can be set up with a password and lock the screen while you go away but it doesn’t have all of the features that WinLockr has, if you work in an office environment you will be better off protected using it instead of the default Windows lock screen.

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