Securely wipe free space, folders and files with xShredder

xShredder is a free open source tool to securely wipe hard drive free space and files, the program has numerous standard data wiping algorithms available, these include US Air Force 5020, British HMG IS5 Enhanced, Canadian RCMP TSSIT OPS II, US DOD 5220 22MECE, Russian GOST P50739 and others. If a file is found locked, which often happens when in use by Windows, it will be wiped after a computer reboot

You can create automated tasks and schedule data wiping, xShredder includes a tool called xExplorer that lets you see all files in your hard drive, including system files stored in the system32 folder hidden by Windows, selecting a folder you can add it to a shredding job or use the “Tools” menu to start a Wizard guiding you through the data wiping process. The wizard will show a series of tick boxes pointing to locations where Windows stores temporary data, like the Prefetch folder, hybernation file pagefile.sys, recently opened documents and Internet browser history, cookies and cache, it was all pretty basic and it did not include .sol Flash player cookies stored in the /Macromedia/Flash Player/#SharedObjects folder.

xShredder data wiping algorithm options

xShredder data wiping algorithm options

This software should thwart elemental data recovery tools but there is nothing guaranteeing you that there are copies of the file you are destroying in other Windows temp and backup directories and a computer forensics expert will know where to look for. xShredder includes additional system maintenance tools, like format drive, HDD and MFT boot defragmenter with a complete system information viewer showing hardware details.

I found this data shredder very difficult to use due to its complicated interface and lack of help manual, I also found it easy to erase files by mistake with no confirmation option given before starting the erasing process. I like the features that xShredder offers, specially the ability to write your own addons to erase data left behind by specific software, but in my opinion the developer should get rid of non data wiping utilities, like the defragmenter, and focus on creating a top data wiping tool that any beginner can use without having to go through a dozen of clicks and hidden options.

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