Easy to use file encryption software Lazar Crypter

This small free open source software will encrypt single files using using Windows context menu, it uses AES256bit algorithm for encryption and it is very easy to use. You only need to select a file, or multiple files, right click and select “Encryt” or “Decrypt” from the context menu, you can also decrypt a file by double clicking on it.

Lazar Crypter Windows file encryption

Lazar Crypter Windows file encryption

Lazar Crypter will save encrypted files with its own file extension, .icr, encryption of multiple files at once is possible, but no multiple file decryption, this could be because each single file should have its own unique password. This program is lightweight on resources, only 400Kb in size, there is no help file and you don’t need one, encryption can not get any easier than this, if you know how to copy and paste a file then you know how to encrypt and decrypt.

Lazar Crypter could come in handy to email an encrypted file to someone who also has the program but it is not very useful to store encrypted files in your hard disk because temporary and original data is not wiped, you will need a data wiper if you are going to use this program to guard stored files in your hard disk from unwanted eyes.

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