Portable PGP encryption with GPG4USB

GPG4USB is a portable program to encrypt text and files using GnuPG, the open source public key encryption system compatible with PGP. It works on Windows and Linux computers and does not require administrator rights for execution, files and messages can be exchanged with anyone using OpenPGP compatible software, like PGP Desktop or GPG4Win. The main interface will be familiar to anyone who has used PGP/GPG encryption in the past, you can create a keypair, import, export encryption keys, check key properties, upload keys to a keyserver, sign files, encrypt and decrypt files.

You can also remove and add PGP headers to your messages, to see this feature you will have to go into settings click on the advanced tab and tick the “Show Steganographic Options” checkbox. Another advanced option is the possibility to split PGP encrypted attachments into pieces.

Portable encryption GPG4USB

Portable encryption GPG4USB

The software comes with a very complete offline manual that any beginner will understand, to make this tool portable move the extracted files and “start_windows.exe” binary to a memory stick. GPG4USB could also become your main desktop GPG encryption software since it has a splendid interface that some people might find easier to use than other similar applications like WinPT.

You should remember temporary files belonging to the encrypted data could still be found in any computer you use, that is the case for nearly all portable software.

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