Quick and easy E-mail encryption using Safester

Safester is a free email encryption program using public and private key encryption DSA/Elgamal 2048 bits and AES 256 bits to secure your messages, the program is written using Java, it works in Windows, MAC OS and Linux.

In order to use Safester to send encrypted emails the receiver and the sender both will need to have the software installed, if ┬áthe receiver doesn’t have an account when he receives an encrypted message a notification from Safester will be sent with an invitation to download the program.

After downloading and installing Safester you will need to create an account, this will create your public and private key encryption keys, the passphrase you use it is not stored in the servers and only known to you, there is no way for Safester to recover your passphrase they do not have access to it and there is no backdoor, you can set up a password recovery email system from inside your account if you want, this is optional.

E-mail encryption software Safester

E-mail encryption software Safester

All of the encryption is carried out locally in your computer, communications with Safester servers are encrypted, in the unlikely event that someone manages to intercept the transmission you would still be protected because no data ever leaves the computer unencrypted, the messages you send and receive are archived encrypted in Safester servers in Switzerland. The free version of this email encryption service allows for a 20MB of email storage Inbox and email attachments have 512Kb maximum size, there are paid for plans for those who need personalized support, a bigger storage inbox and sending larger attachments.

I found the email client very lean in features, you can compose messages in HTML, there is a built-in spell checker for English and French, vacation auto-responder, proxy settings, address book and message folders, it is enough to get the job done but without bells and whistles.

One of Safester’s best features it is the ability of setting up double authentication using your smart phone and your passphrase to log into your email account, the One Time Authentication system works with the iPhone and Android.

Email encryption Safester advantages

  • Easy maintenance free email encryption for newbies (no learning required)
  • You can use any email address you like (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc)
  • Email client can restrict printing and forwarding of emails
  • Email client can be configured to send messages using a proxy

Email encryption Safester disadvantages

  • Both, sender and receiver need to have Safester installed
  • You are forced to use Safester’s own email client (which is very simple)
  • Your need to trust a third party with your security

Safester review conclusion

I you are a geeky person who knows how to use GPG/PGP to encrypt emails, you will be better off using your own software for email encryption (e.g. Enigmail), this way you will not have to rely on a third party to take care of your security and you will be able to use any email client you like for encryption without forcing others to download the same software you have installed.

OpenPGP email encryption program Safester

OpenPGP email encryption program Safester

If you have a company and do not have the time and resources to train your workers in email security and encryption, Safester is for you, anyone who knows how to send an email can use Safester, encryption could not get any easier, the great advantage Safester has over any other email encryption software it is simplicity and easy to use, Safester will save businesses money by not having to spend time on training staff.

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