Review: Free encryption software SafeHouse Explorer

SafeHouse Explorer is an unbreakable free encryption software that keeps your confidential files inside a giant data vault which can only be accessed after entering your secret password, it will hide your files and make them impossible to view and copy without the right password. After you enter your secret password, you access your files using SafeHouse Explorer’s drag-and-drop Explorer-like interface.

Secure TwoFish 256bits encryption

SafeHouse explorer encryption uses Twofish 256bits for encryption, it can create encrypted vaults as large as 2Terabytes and works in Windows 7. Your files and folders are fully accessible using a new disk drive letter added to Windows to represent your data vault, any files you drag and drop to this new drive letter will be instantly and automatically protected.

SafeHouse Explorer encryption

SafeHouse Explorer encryption

The Sheriff’s Office fails to break SafeHouse encryption

This free encryption software to conceal your confidential data, like utility bills, bank statements and internet porn is inaccessible even for the FBI, SafeHouse Explorer encryption has no backdoor whatsoever as The King County Sheriff’s Office found out to much of their dismay during a criminal investigation, when they realised they couldn’t open a large section of data that was encrypted using Safehouse.

Reference in the Seattle P-I: Expert will try to crack encrypted files

SafeHouse Explorer encryption conclusion

SafeHouse Explorer is totally suitable for beginners, you will be hard pushed to find another encryption software so user friendly, at the same time you can have peace of mind that the free edition of SafeHouse encryption is unbreakable, the paid for SafeHouse products have some nice extra features but if you are hard pressed for cash do not need to worry, the free edition works just fine.

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