Very easy to use encryption software Conceal

This free encryption software named Conceal it is very easy to use, to encrypt a file all you have to do is to drag and drop it inside the Window that has a padlock on it, you will then be prompted to enter a password. After that you select the encryption algorithm you wan to use, Fast Encrypt, RC2, AES or TripleDES, the less secure encryption algorithms are quicker but the time difference can possibly be measured in seconds, I would recommend you choose the uncrackable AES encryption cipher.


Encryption software Conceal

Encryption software Conceal

When you want to decrypt ¬†your data, stored using the .xcon file extension, just select the file with the mouse and drag and drop it inside Conceal window that has a key drawn on it, enter the password and you are done. If you want to introduce encryption to someone who doesn’t know anything about computers, Conceal is the ideal program to do that, there are only two Windows to choose from, one to encrypt and the other to decrypt data, they both are descriptive enough looking at the picture they have, no long manuals to read and no need to learn about the inner workings of encryption, Conceal is one of the easiest encryption programs to be found and if you use it with the AES algorithm, the data will be safe.

In case you find it too hard to remember your passwords Conceal will offer you to save them to your hard disk, encrypted, when you want to decrypt the file, point the software to your password file and it will be automatically entered.

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