Anomos, a pseudoanonymous P2P network

If you are afraid of a RIAA lawsuit against you for sharing a hard to find MP3 song or want to share something with privacy in the online World you must know that peer to peer software like Bittorrent and eMule are not safe, you can easily be traced back to your computer IP and home when you are downloading files through peer-to-peer software, the best proof of this are the dozens of arrests carried out every year against file sharers.

Pseudoanonymous and private P2P file sharing

Anomos will encrypt all of your file sharing transfers and hide your IP from your peers at the same time, you get privacy and pseudoanonymity. Notice the word is pseudoanonymity because the central tracker will still know your real IP.

Anomos is open source and has no ad aware included, its standalone client is easy to use by newbies and it works in Windows, Linux and MAC computers. This free pseudoanonymous file sharing software uses an onion routing anonymization layer with end-to-end encryption, no party outside of the trusted tracker will have any information about who people are and what they are downloading

Anomos file sharing P2P logo

Anomos file sharing P2P logo

Anomos file sharing strong points

Other programs like Gnunet aim at making your P2P transfers totally anonymous but they require a large number of peers for a smooth download and it is usually very slow to transfer anything because the files you want get routed through other peers before reaching you.

Anomos central tracker considerably speeds up the network as it gives out multiple direct points of connection for the file to be downloaded from.

Anomos file sharing weak points

Anomos relies on a centralized tracker server to initiate downloads, if this trusted tracker is ever compromised your anonymity will be over. Peers need to provide their actual IP addresses to the tracker so that neighbour connections can be made.

There is a way to set up Anomos with tor to avoid forwarding your real IP to the tracker but this is hard to put together, Anomos official blog has some information about how to do this.

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