BlackBeltPrivacy a P2P darknet with WASTE and tor

A darknet is a private network closed to the general public that only accepts new members issuing a personal invitation, while darknets make infiltration difficult as members can be asked to contribute something before joining in order to prove that they are willing participants, it is possible that a darknet member computer is lost or stolen and someone else assumes his personality, aka identity theft, endangering the whole darknet, thus why using a darknet on a tor proxy is recommended, if nobody knows anyone else there is no way for members to track down other people through their IP address, when someone’s identity is stolen the opponent can only hope to lure members in the open to a medium where they can be traced, like for example giving them a link to a website that logs visitors IP.

The problem of running P2P software over tor is that it is very slow and tor has not been designed for that, it deprives people of much needed bandwidth to access banned websites, but as long as the files are small or the darknet is used only to chat with big file transfers taking place off the darknet then it can work.

WASTE, secure P2P filesharing

WASTE is a chat and anonymous P2P filesharing tool with instant messenger, group chat, file searching and file transfer (upload/download), public RSA encryption key is used to establish the connection and Blowfish encryption for file transfers, WASTE has been designed as a secure P2P tool to be used by a small group of people concerned about privacy and anonymity, there is no central node in WASTE, if a node goes down the network will still be up as it works in mesh mode, random traffic to make traffic analysis harder can be added using a feature called “Saturate”.

BlackBeltPrivacy WASTE anonymous P2P network

BlackBeltPrivacy WASTE P2P darknet

To join a decentralized P2P WASTE darknet you will need to know the password first, if you are just starting in WASTE you can join one of the public channels known as Nullnet, you only need to post your keys to WASTE Key exchange. One shortcoming of this private file exchange network is that when someone has joined there is no way to kick them out as there is no central authority, all that can be done is to create a new channel where that user is not invited.

 BlackBeltPrivacy pseudoanonymous P2P

BlackBeltPrivacy is a pseudoanonymous P2P software bundle comprised of WASTE, tor proxy and darkRendezvous (a new pseudo anonymous technology still in beta), all combined in a single package, tor is included for those who want to contribute running a tor server using their own computer, but this does not mean that the darknet runs on tor, it uses a technology called swarmRendezvouz and it is not anonymous.

BlackBeltPrivacy P2P over tor proxy network

BlackBeltPrivacy lets you run a tor node

During installation you are offered to act as a tor node, Vidalia and Polippo come with the package, you can choose how much bandwidth you want to commit to the project, the default is 100MB a day, and if you would like to be a tor relay or a tor exit node, running a tor node is not compulsory in order to run BlackBeltPrivacy.

Like in all P2P software your computer will be acting as a server at times, this means that your firewall will give you dozens of warnings on incoming connections, you should configure it to allow BlackBeltPrivacy to share files,  the developers have decided not to allow 100% anonymity to prevent what they call “criminal and abusive” behaviour, I only realised that this software is not truly anonymous after installing and running it, I am highly disappointed about the deliberate anonymity strip down carried out by the developers, by not allowing the ultraDark mode to run.

Visit BlackBeltPrivacy homepage

Update: The developers claim you are truly anonymous, a new darkBIOS() version has been released, see the comments section for more info.

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