How to use tor proxy with the Advanced Onion Router

Advanced Onion Router is a free portable tor proxy server and client for the Onion Routing network, a distributed proxy network run by volunteers designed to anonymize traffic and bypass Internet filters. Advanced Onion Router is meant to be an all in one application replacement for the classic Tor+Vidalia+Privoxy Windows bundle, highly configurable, it can fake your browser headers and operating system, as well as the computer regional settings which can be used to pinpoint your location by looking at something like local time.

There is support for encrypted SSL connections, Socks4/5, corporate NTLM (NT Lan Manager) proxies, banning of addresses and routers, plugin support, hotkeys, multilingual, circuit length can be determined from 1 up to a chain of 10 proxies with priorities set, separate browsing profiles can be set by erasing identities cookies and creating new fake browser and operating system headers. You can use this tool to help the onion routing network donating some bandwidth for others or host your own hidden service, it only requires some easy re-configuration to make sure that your real location is not revealed and create your own .onion address. A tor hidden service is a way to host your own content making it impossible for a Government or powerful enemy to take it down.

Advanced Onion Router tor proxy

Advanced Onion Router tor proxy

Advanced Onion Router lets you add your favourite program to a list making sure that when you start it all traffic will be forced through a tor proxy tunnel, each program can have its own separate settings running inside a sandbox. Configuration files can be encrypted using AES, adding another layer of security against noisy people, even better is the read only mode, where you can run this portable tor proxy from read only media, like a CD-Rom, and no personal data (history, cookies, etc) will be stored anywhere.

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