Review offshore no logs VPN provider EarthVPN

Update: They police has found EarthVPN logs, avoid this company! For more information read EarthVPN user arrested

EarthVPN is a new VPN company with headquarters in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a self-declared state recognised only by Turkey, while southern Cyprus is part of the European Union the northern part is not, so they don’t have to comply with EU laws.

I have been using their VPN services for a month and prices are highly competitive, my past experience with very cheap VPN providers is that server speed normally chokes but this was not the case with EarthVPN, I don’t know if it is because they don’t have too many customers yet or because they don’t oversell their services and still make a living charging under $5 monthly fees.

There is an impressive wide range of servers in over thirty countries, including unusual VPN locations like New Zealand, South Africa and Brazil on top of the more often found German, USA and UK servers. You can have up to three devices connected at the same time but only if they share the same router, there are no bandwidth limits and mobile devices are supported as well as Windows, Mac and Linux. I contacted their support team four times and they always got back to me within a day. You can use the VPN for P2P and torrents only in the designated servers in countries with flexible copyright laws where DMCA does not apply.

EarthVPN SSTP/L2TP client software

EarthVPN SSTP/L2TP client software

A couple of their US servers in Miami were blocked by Hulu and flagged as no in the USA, this should not a problem, with all of the different US locations available I simply switched to Kansas and streamed online US TV from Europe. I carried out a DNS leak test and it showed me that EarthVPN is using Google public DNS, SMTP port 25 is blocked to stop spammers abusing the service but you can send email with SMTP SSL ports 465/587 and it will work.

Unlike other companies, EarthVPN has a clear and non hiden in small letter logging policy, this is one of their strengths, the company claims that no logs are kept but I wanted to know the specifics and I contacted their support team to make sure that I understood how the logging system works, I was told that it is impossible for EarthVPN to link any VPN IP to an account holder because DHCP requests (the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol used to assign IPs inside a network) are not logged, EarthVPN keeps Radius (Remote Authentication) logs for a day to troubleshoot problems and they have set up a cron job to run daily (cron is a Linux command to automate jobs) erasing connection logs every day at midnight on all servers, server time is synchronized with NTP (Network Time Protocol).

EarthVPN OpenVPN client

EarthVPN OpenVPN client

EarthVPN OpenVPN Windows client is rather primitive, they use the original open source OpenVPN software with dozens of digital certificates that has to be run as administrator, when you have dozens of VPN servers it can be difficult managing them with a right click menu and certainly not eye candy, it is not very convenient but workable. If this is a problem for you then download their SSTP, L2TP/PPTP portable client seen in the first screenshot, it is the one I have been using the most because it does not need installation and I liked the interface.

Payments can be made via Paypal or Bitcoin, I only found missing a way to check server load before connecting to a server. EarthVPN, looks like an accomplished VPN provider for those who care about privacy from a non US or EU company that has dozens of worldwide locations available on a budget.

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