StegoTorus a camouflage tool to hide Tor traffic

StegoTorus is an open source tool that disguises Tor traffic simulating it is an innocuous protocol, this foils packet analysis making Tor harder to monitor and block. A client and server are both available for download, the software is available for Linux, Mac and Windows but is is command line operated and it has to be compiled from source, you will have to be knowledgeable in computers to benefit from it. StegoTorus website has clear instructions on how to do this, it is not exceptionally challenging.

Any Tor operator can run StegoTorus in their own bridge. Tor bridge relays not listed in the main directory, they are intended for people living in countries where public Tor nodes are blocked. Bridges can be acquired sending an email to from Yahoo or Gmail accounts only.

Tor network bridge configuration

Tor network bridge configuration

When you run StegoTorus with Tor an intermediate connection is created to an StegoTorus server acting as the first node to the network, the software running on that server will camouflage all traffic as PDF, JPEG or HTTP, a payload is introduced in the downstream data before passing it on to you with the real requested file or website visited hidden using steganography techniques. A StegoTorus proxy will make believe anybody watching network traffic that no Tor connection is taking place, your Internet browsing should not slow down noticeably, the payload injection is done within miliseconds.

If you are worried about Deep Packet Inspection by your ISP, used by China and Iran in between others, your only choice to avoid blockage is what the Tor project calls Pluggable Transports, these are used together with secret Tor relays, aka bridges, and they transform traffic to hide that you are using Tor. A few supported transport type Tor bridges are Obfsproxy, ScrambleSuit and the Format-Transforming Encryption, other schemes like SkypeMorph and StegoTorus can be deployed but they are not officially assisted, although both projects are listed in the Bridges Tor project website, bridges of this type can not be requested by email.

If you know of a bridge that is running StegoTorus, you can connect to that node going to the Tor browser network settings and entering the custom bridge address that leads to it.

Visit StegoTorus homepage

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