Encrypted chat in Apple iOS with iCrypter

iCrypter is a small encryption app for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). With this app you can write or paste messages inside a window and attach any file you like, from photos or videos to documents, after that you will be asked to enter a password to scramble everything. The encrypted message can be distributed via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, iMessage and the like.

The password you used for encryption is stored in the built-in Contact Book which is also encrypted, to start a secure chat session the password is shared with other participants, when someone with iCrypter installed clicks on an incoming message decryption will initiate automatically.

iCrypter Apple iOS encryption

iCrypter Apple iOS encryption

iCrypter uses symmetrical cryptography implementing the Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit algorithm, a US National Security Agency algorithm approved to secure top secret information. Data encryption takes place in your phone before being transmitted, there is no central server that could be wire tapped to read your messages or any kind of backdoor subverting the software.

To protect your information if the device is lost or stolen, a self-destruction function called “Fail Safe” will wipe all iCrypter content, bookmarks and settings, overwriting data with the US Department of Defence 5220.22-M E method after entering the grid application password wrong five times.┬áThe encryption algorithm source code put in action by iCrypter can be downloaded and is available for inspection.

This is an effortless encryption app to operate, with an easy to navigate interface, the only downside is that people you communicate with needs to have iCrypter installed too and the app is not available for Android yet, a future Android release is planned for this year.

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