Hide it Pro hides photos and videos in Android and iPhone

Hide it Pro is a free app for Android and iPhone to hide pictures, videos, audio files and others. The app is disguised as a functional audio manager, anyone playing with your phone will not realise you have a privacy app installed, the icon looks like a music sound logo, tapping it will launch a menu to adjust the phone ring tone volume.

When you run the app for the first time you will be asked to enter a numeric pin code or password to lock your screen, an email address can be linked to your account to reset your password if you forget it, it is not compulsory you do that. Using Hide it Pro interface you can select the files you would like to hide vanishing them from gallery view, encrypting the data with AES256-bit and password protecting everything, you can email files from inside the app or view a custom photo slideshow without having to move the photos outside the encrypted folder.

Hide it Pro hides Android&iPhone photos

Hide it Pro hides Android&iPhone photos

Hide it Pro can set up a second escape password, leading the user to a different encrypted container that you can show to people if anyone discovers that you own encrypted data and are forced to reveal the password under threats, the escape password works like Truecrypt hidden container feature but I don’t know how safe this is from a thorough investigation, you just have to trust the developer did everything right.

If you share your mobile phone with family members or work colleagues Hide it Pro will prevent them from discovering private images stored in your mobile phone, the app is self-explanatory, it can also be used to hide and lock other apps.

Android Hide it Pro in Google Play

iPhone Hide it Pro in iTunes

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