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Schmoose is a privacy messaging app for your mobile phone with end to end encryption, the ciphers used to secure your data are well known standards like AES256-bit, SHA-256 and RSA-2048-bits. Schmoose itself is not able to read what you send, a public/private encryption key is created in your phone during installation and data is encrypted before it leaves it, only the person you are sending the message to can decrypt it.

When the sender and receiver both have the app installed they can chat like they would do in the popular WhatsApp and Kik without any messaging costs,the main difference is the strong privacy added to Schmoose. If anybody intercepted your messages, they would only be able to see meaningless random characters and the company can not be forced to decrypt them as they do not have the means to do that.

You will be asked to verify your mobile phone number or email during installation and after that you are able to sync your contacts online, to keep contacts private, only hash values are sent to Schmoose servers in Germany, they don’t see names and addresses.

Schmoose encrypted messaging app

Schmoose encrypted messaging app

The messaging program is very colourful, it can include embedded photos, custom backrgounds, avatars and fun chat features like in other chat messaging apps. If you choose to store the photos people send you in Schmoose make sure that it will not be something embarrassing, media storage is not encrypted and if you lose your phone there is potential for somebody to access the photo gallery.

I did not like having to register to be able to use the app but it is possible to select email registration only, if you have an anonymous email account this should keep your identity hidden and it will not be as intrusive as using your mobile phone number linked to your real identity. I suspect that registration is necessary to assign you a Schmoose ID and to be found in the network.

The good features are end to end public key encryption with no backdoor and easy of use. The bad part was that data was not being encrypted locally, to fix this your phone should be fully encrypted. Schmoose is a free app for a single device, a paid version increases the number of mobile phones in which it can run and lets you block other users and send videos (the free version only sends photos).

I am glad to see more and more companies locking themselves out of customer’s encryption keys, this allows them to fight back against unreasonable legal requests asking for access to customer’s personal messages. The hard part, is that there is no interoperability in between similar privacy messaging apps and it is next to impossible to agree with all of your contacts to use the same app.

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