Secure mobile instant messaging App Chadder

Chadder is secure Instant Messenger app for Android, Windows mobile and iOS (soon to be realeased), launched by a joint venture in between McAfee antivirus founder John McAfee and Internet privacy start-up Etransfr.

Chadder encrypts messages with public key cryptography taking place in the background, the user does not have to deal with passwords, other than his own Chadder account password and there are no encryption keys to manage. The best of Chadder traits is that it is as simple and easy to use as Vibe but with added security and unlike WhatsApp it is not owned by NSA friend Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Private messaging app Chadder

Private messaging app Chadder

When you send an instant message in Chadder the encryption keys used to cipher the message are directly forwarded to your contact, the Chadder server only receives the encrypted message, the company has no way to read it, they never have access to the encryption keys. Your contact is forwarded the encrypted message and only him will be able to decrypt it with the encryption keys you forwarded separately to his mobile device.

I liked how easy it is to register with the service, picking up a username and a password gives you a Chadder account straight away without any waiting period or verification.

When you first launch the program a tutorial tour guides you through the intuitive features, consisting on how to add contacts and where to access settings by taping on a wrench icon to go to your profile. Users profile is set to private by default, changing it to public will make it easier for others to request a connection typing in your name, email address or phone number. A more private way of connecting with somebody is by generating a numeric code that you can post anywhere. You will not be able to exchange private messages with people until you both have agreed to be added as friend first

The service is still in beta and features kept to a minimum, for example, there are only two available avatars called “Boy” and “Girl“, you can’t upload a custom one. More relevant missing functionalities that Chadder does not offer are group chat, visible message delivery notifications and vanishing messages.

My view is that they have released this app too early but the proof of concept seems fair. Until they release a more advanced version, I will stick with Wickr for secure mobile phone communications.

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