Securely wipe Android phone data with SHREDroid

As smarthphones become a more essential part of hour lives so does the risk of holding important data on an Android phone that can go missing or get stolen, online banking details, account passwords and email messages all can be recovered from a smarthphone without too much effort, SHREDroid is a free Android app to securely erase data, deleting files the usual way is not secure enough, SHREDroid thwarts data recovery software forcing an overwrite of the data using a random pattern, once you wipe a file with it, it will be gone for ever without possibility of recovery.

SHREDroid Android data wiper

SHREDroid Android data wiper

SHREDroid can erase Android internal memory as well as external SD cards, it can be configured to run in the background while your phone is locked and you can schedule the app to automatically run at intervals, before you set it up to wipe your smartphone memory card every day, remember that flash memory has a limited number of overwrites, this app is very handy to sanitize your Android phone once in a while but I wouldn’t use it daily.

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