Crack wireless networks encryption with WifiSlax

WifiSlax is a Slackware based Linux distribution specially designed to break into wireless networks to test their security. It can run as a live CD or installed in your laptop saving personal settings.

Make sure to select  “English Menu”,when you first boot the CD as the default instructions will be shown in Spanish otherwise. Another available option is selecting the Linux desktop of your choice. WifiSlax comes with KDE, an eye candy graphical interface and XFCE for low resource systems and a command line only option for experts. You can also select your prefered Linux Kernel, if you run a high end computer with more than 4GB of RAM choosing the PAE (Physical Address Extension) kernel will improve performance. WifiSlax default root password is toor, for security it should be changed typing passwd.

WifiSlax KDE comes with few packages for day to day use, mainly the Libre Office suite, The Gimp, FileZilla P2P programs and a handful of games. It is unlikely that this 650MB distribution will be your main desktop without adding additional software. Luckily this can be easily done using WifiSlax package manager and downloading prebuilt software .xzm modules for WifiSlax, there you will find TV streaming utilities like Zatoo and media players like XBMC.

WifiSlax Linux to crack Wifi

WifiSlax Linux to crack Wifi

If all you want is to break into a WPA network you have everything you need already installed in WifiSlax. Tools that will help you test a wiereless network security are dictionary list generators Datelist and Crunch, usual WEP vulnerability cracking tools, even if hardly anybody uses WEP nowadays, it is a nice thing to have. To crack WPA networks you will find WPA GPU cracking taing advantage of advanced graphics card with a processing unit that can be used to brute force passwords, the always useful packet sniffer WireShark is also included along with man in the middle attack packages AirSSL and Yamas.

There are other security tools not directly linked to wireless, like Grampus, used to extract documents, image and video metadata that could reveal who the author was and BleachBit to securely wipe Internet browsing history to stop anybody with access to your computer from learning what sites you have visited.

This is a good wireless hacking Linux distribution except for the fact that the website is only available in Spanish but after burning the .iso the interface can be set to English.

Visit WifiSlax homepage

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