French Alqeda terrorist located thanks to his computer IP

Mohamed Merah, a self-confessed Alqeda member of Algerian origin responsible for the murder of three off duty paratroopers, one Jewish Rabbi and three children going to school was found by French detectives after scrutinising how many people had visited an online advertisement offering a motorcycle for sale that was used to lure the first victim into a mortal trap where he was shot dead.

Cypercops found 580 people had visited the advertisement, they narrowed it down to a list of computer IPs near the city where the first murder took place and its surroundings, then compiled an even shorter list with IPs registered to known terrorist sympathisers until they came across Mohamed Merah brother’s computer IP, whom was also a well known Islamic extremist.

The police also had other leads like a mechanic reporting that someone (Mohamed Merah’s brother) had enquired on how to get rid of a motorcycle GPS tracking device which description coincided with that of the get away vehicle.

Source: French newspaper LeMonde

  1. 28 March, 2012
  2. 28 March, 2012

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