List of free speech and offshore hosting companies

When choosing a free speech hosting company you should assess the kind of content you host, for example, in the USA although the 1st Amendment protects free speech a powerful multinational can try to get around it by launching a frivolous lawsuit that a small webmaster can’t fight in court due to lack of resources, and in China any pro Tibet website will be taken down by the Government.

You will leave tracks behind when you upload your site and make payments, these companies are not truly anonymous even thought some advertise as such, to host controversial content anonymously use Tor hidden sites or i2P, but they will only be reachable by people using the appropriate software.

Free speech hosting

  • DreamHost: Budget host offering shared and dedicated hosting, their terms and conditions allow for any content that is legal in the United States to be hosted, including pornography. DreamHost hosts the American Nazi Party website and refused to take down Prophet Muhammad cartoons even after a denial of service attack was launched against them by Alqeda sympathisers.

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  • Anonymous Speech: Servers located in Asia, it can be paid using cash, Paypal or credit card, this company also provides anonymous domain name registration and encrypted email services that do not keep logs. They offer shared and dedicated hosting, it allows for the creation of sub domains and comes with a free secure email account.
  • CrisisHost: Small company with servers and HQ located in the US, it offers shared hosting packages with cPanel and SQL database, payable yearly.
  • NearlyFreeSpeech: Webhost based in the US where you only pay for the amount of bandwidth and storage space consumed, it runs its own custom hosting panel, their terms and conditions state that the webmaster must register his real name and address, the company carries out random identity checks asking for a passport scan to be emailed.
  • Servers and company located in Sweden, if your content is legal in Sweden they will host it, no questions asked. They maintain minimum information about their customers and very few logs, PRQ used to host Wikileaks and other highly controversial content, support for SQL databases, SSL certificates and DNS.

 Offshore hosting

The following hosts have a free speech policy that comes with restrictions, even if your content is legal they can refuse to host it, the only advantage over other traditional hosting is that their servers are offshore.

  • ZenSurfrei: Specialist in offering hosting for neonazi websites in a USA server, where, unlike some European countries, they allow this kind of material. Everything is paid with cash inside an envelope, including the domain name, this guarantees webmaster anonymity.
  • OrangeWebsite: Company and servers are all based in Iceland, they will ignore all complaints against legal websites with the exception of racist or pro-paedophilia content, which is not allowed.
  • CCiHosting: Operated and hosted in Panama, offering Linux and Windows servers, they advertise their services as anonymous webhosting. Support provided via live chat or phone.
  • Ctyme: Based in the USA, they do not allow hosting of content like fiction child sex stories, even thought they are legal in the US, not sure about how their “free speech” policy is any better than HostGator or any other major US.
  •  The company is registered in privacy friendly Seychelles and has a no information exchange policy with complaints, the servers are located in the Netherlands. Pharmaceutical sites are welcome, racist, any type of child porn, hacking and warez are all banned.
  •  YoHost: Their terms and conditions claims that you can not use their servers to host any kind of porn, sites encouraging the destruction of property will also be removed as well as phishing scams. They only rent a VPS or full server and YoHost will collaborate with law enforcement if criminal content is found.
  • KatzGlobal: Offering hosting in multiple Asian locations (Singapore, China, India, Malaysia, Australia) as well as hosting in the US. They use cPanel and have standard features that come with it, like SQL database, FTP access and POP3 mail boxes. There is no support to host multiple domains on a single account.
  • SecureHost: Located in the Bahamas, it provides dedicated, shared and VPS hosting, they also provide a Bahamas based phone number and fax which messages can be retrieved from abroad. Their terms and conditions state that you can not host anything that SecureHost judges to be harmful to their reputation.
  • Cinipac: Based in Panama, they claim they will not cooperate with authorities or institutions without a proper warrant. Hosting servers are available in the USA, Asia and Europe. The usual phishing, spam and terrorist groups hosting is banned. Backups are encrypted with AES256.
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