Portable hardware VPN device Färist Micro

Färist Micro from Swedish company Tutus is a tiny VPN device that fits in the palm of your hand and sits in between your computer and Internet connection. The A100 model has a shock resistant case made of aluminium and carbon fibre, with two Ethernet RJ45 ports, the standard port for a wired Internet connection, Färist Micro can be powered with an USB cable or via a separate power supply, both included, the A200 model is slightly bigger but it has better performance and status LED indicators showing VPN activity, the product security core is based on other evaluated Färist products and compatible with their suite of network security solutions, like a firewall.

The user interface has basic administrative functions accessible via web browser, with this tiny portable VPN device company employees can safely communicate over untrusted networks in hotels and airport Wifi access points, of course for real security a company fully encrypted laptop would have to be used at all times, using a portable VPN like Färist Micro on someone’s else computer would nullify all security since it won’t protect you against key-loggers and malware.

Portable VPN Färist Micro

Portable VPN Färist Micro

Once Färist Micro has been configured it requires no interaction from the end user, plugging it in will secure all communications routing traffic over the company VPN, this portable VPN has been jointly developed by Tutus, the Swedish Armed Forces and Swedish Defence Administration, it has been approved by the European Union to protect classified EU information up to the EU Restricted level, Tutus products are also sold under other brands like SecuriGateway, with the same specs, it only changes the brand name.

The VPN case looks extremely resistant, I wish there was something like this for home users configurable with a consumer grade VPN like VPN4ALL, Färist Micro is targeted at companies and government agencies, I don’t know how easy it would be to buy a single unit through a reseller, the ones I visited do not list price and ask interested parts to contact them instead.

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