Post self-destructing Twitter messages with Efemr

Efemr is a free web and mobile app to post time limited messages on Twitter, it works by adding a timestamp hashtag at the end of your message, for example adding #8m at the end of a post would erase your Twitter message in eight minutes, time can be set to a few hours too but no more than that. The app backups all messages keepimng a private list of deleted posts next to a retweet button in case you change your mind and to remember you what you have posted in the past even if it is no longer visible.

Efemr self-destructing Twitter messages

Efemr self-destructing Twitter messages

Being able to limit how long for something will remain on the Internet it is a step in the right direction to protect people’s privacy but it will not replace common sense, there is still the possibility of someone taking a screenshot of the Tweet, the time frame is not perfect either, Twitter feeds take longer than the specified limit to be erased and anyone could copy and paste or retweet your message, if you truly want to keep your Tweets private then encrypt them with AnonTwi ¬†or any text encryption utility and make them only available to people you know, if anyone takes a screenshot it will only show cihphered text.

Another way to achieve Twitter privacy is by never using your real name when opening an account, never post personal identifying data when posting and always use Tor or a VPN to log into Twitter.

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