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LibertyVPS is a hosting provider that has been in business four years and they specialise in free speech. Their servers are located in the Netherlands, so your content will have to be compliant with Dutch law, the company provides hosting for those facing censorship but they also warn in their terms and conditions that they will work with law enforcement to prevent illicit activity.

I asked them if I could host pharmacy related products like Viagra or vitamin supplements and I was given a link to their terms and conditions where the only listed content restrictions are child porn, spam, malware and human and animal pain sites, the bottom line is that LibertyVPS doesn’t allow any activity which is illegal but will happily host whistle blowers and sites exposing government and corporations malpractice and abuse.

LibertyVPS control panel free speech hosting

LibertyVPS control panel free speech hosting

Prices are reasonable, I did not feel I was being charged extra for privacy, but if you are after unlimited bandwidth you have to upgrade to a VPS, which can be set to CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian or OpenSUSE, even if you pick one distribution you will not be stuck with it for ever, you can reinstall the VPS with a new distribution using the control panel.

For shared hosting LibertyVPS is using a standard cPanel that most people will be familiar with and you can back up your own site using it. They also offer Windows VPS which I did not test.

Uptime was fine, I have not been with them for long but so far all good and the backbone is provided by Dutch company Ecatel, with up to 1 Gigabit line speed. Support is only via ticket, LibertyVPS replied to the three tickets I opened in under 24 hours.

Overall I think that this company fills in a much needed niche, free speech hosting on a budget, reliable, with good support, standard industry hosting software and payment in Bitcoins. I can´t think of too many improvements for this company and even if you don´t need a free speech host, given their average prices, I would also recommend them for hosting mainstream content outside the US.

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