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KwikDesk is a self-destructing social messaging platform to share short Twitter like messages with hash tags and a limit of 300 characters. Unlike Twitter, to use KwikDesk you will not be asked to fill in a form, you don’t have to pick any username or password, KwikDesk connection is encrypted with SSL and the website claims not to track IP addresses.

In exchange for this anonymity, you will lose functionality, you won’t be able to create a profile and following one to one conversations will be more difficult than it is in Twitter.

KwikDesk web app is fairly elementary, you type in a message, select after how many days the message should be self-destructed and add a hashtag so that others can find it, without people knowing what hashtag to type in the message will remain hidden. After somebody reads the message they can quickly reply using the same interface or publicise it in Twitter with their own Twitter account

Twitter alternative KwikDesk

Twitter alternative KwikDesk

The main difference in between KwikDesk and a self-destructing notes site is the hashtags. You don’t have to send a link to your hidden messages, people only has to go to KwikDesk type in a hash tag and all of the messages classified under it will appear.

There is a Chinese version of KwikDesk and as proof of concept it is great but if the website becomes a nuisance it could be blocked by a government or denied access with a distributed denial of service attack. Maybe the upcoming KwikDesk powered OneOne iPhone app will solve those flaws.

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