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SignNow is a free service allowing you to digitally sign a document online, it doesn’t require any registration or download making the process quick, it works with all major browsers, you can digitally sign a document using the iPhone and Android phone too, the site uses a SSL digital certificate for encrypted communication with the browser stopping third parties from eavesdropping on the uploaded document, documents are not stored and automatically erased after 30 minutes once they have been digitally signed.

When you have uploaded the document you would like sign, PDF preferred, you will be able to create a signature with your mouse or touch screen and select the font to be used (typeface mimicking handwriting), the date will be added to the signature. If you need someone else to add a signature to the document you can choose to “Invite a signer”, that person will receive an email with the document for them to follow the same process, a sticky note with instructions can be added to the signed document.

Are digital signatures legally binding? 

Electronic signatures are legally binding at the very least in the US and European Union, as far as the courts are concerned there is no difference in between between a digital signature and a handwritten signature with ink on paper, with some exceptions, the US Electronic Signatures Act of 2000 mentions that the creation of wills, testamentary trusts, divorce, adoption, family papers and the like are not acceptable signed on its digital signed form.

SignNow digital signature online

SignNow digital signature online

Digitally signed documents will save you money in the form of time and help the environment, document management and storage will be easier, SignNow offers extra features paying a fee, there are other similar companies offering paid for digital signing of documents, like echosign and docusign, they are more appropriate for business dealings, a digitally signed document includes the date it was signed and it is tamper proof, most services allow for timestamp settings where you can specify the organization and add some company logo or watermark.

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