Remove Windows user password with Advanced Password Recovery

This free password recovery software does not need installation and can be run from a USB thumbdrive but it requires administrator rights, once you execute it, you can remove the password for any Windows user using a drop down menu, you can enable or disable Windows account manager or change the Windows logon password without using the Windows control panel.

Advanced Password Recovery can retrieve stored wireless networks passwords, Instant Messenger account passwords from MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Trillian and others, Windows Office password recovery for Microsoft Office software and  Microsoft Exchange Server, and Internet browsers password recovery for all of the major browsers like Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Advanced Password Recovery

Advanced Password Recovery

Advanced Password Recovery also includes a basic password generator where you can specify password length and spawning of numeric or alphanumeric passwords, this is a nice bonus but you will be better off using a specialist password generator tool if you are going to use it often, the one included has very basic configuration options, there is no support for password lists or presetting password suffixes.

The software includes a utility called Password Encrypter to encrypt text , there is no documentation explaining how it is implemented, it does not not look like strong encryption, probably more indicated to stop the occasional coworker spying or someone who doesn’t have the time and motivation to try and break it.

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