Stop malware with Crystal Anti-Exploit Protection

Crystal Anti-Exploit Protection is a free utility to stop malware hijacking your computer, it will not replace your antivirus but act as a complement, the program will apply filters to your incoming and outgoing connections to decide if they should be allowed. Ironically enough my AVG antivirus flagged CrystalAEP as malware and I had to whitelist it.

After launching CrystalAEP you will presented with a quick tutorial and asked to select all programs exposed to the Internet, like your Internet browser or messenger, CrystalAEP  will monitor them in real time, you can check what each program is doing in the alerts window, the default is set up at High Protection, programs security level can be individually modified using a level slider.

Crystal Anti-Exploit Protection

Crystal Anti-Exploit Protection

CrystalAEP will stop malicious attacks carried out without user interaction, like a website instructing your Internet browser to load a module, but if you choose to willingly execute a process, i.e. download an unknow codec to see a cool video, then you will have to rely on your antivirus to pick that up. This program is targeted at advanced computer users, the expert mode has many configuration options that few people will understand, like DEP monitoring and COM/ActiveX monitoring, I would stick with the basic mode, it is adequate to stop malicious websites from exploiting software vulnerabilities.

This tool consumes minimal resources and can be easily removed, it should help the computer paranoid, people visiting dodgy sites or those in high security environments to stop zero day exploits.

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