iSpy converts your computer webcam into surveillance CCTV

This free open source software will use your computer webcam and microphone for remote surveillance, you can use the built-in webserver on iSpy website to view captured media. If you need to monitor your home while you are away just leave your computer on and iSpy will stream live images to you of what is happening, including sound, if you wish so you can use your smartphone to monitor the live cam. All captured media is compressed to flash video.

iSpy webcam surveillance software

iSpy webcam surveillance software

iSpy will detect movement and send you and alert via SMS or email when that happens if you want to,webcam movement detection areas can be customized to point towards an specific location such as the frontdoor.

iSpy latest supported features

  • Add unlimited number of active floor plans
  • Control PTZ enabled IP cameras
  • Listen to and monitor remote microphones live over the network
  • Pair video and audio sources for capturing movies with sound
  • Upload to YouTube – auto upload captured content

Possible uses for iSpy are to watch over your family, pets, and business and set up a security system at your home when you go on holidays.

Premium surveillance cam alternatives to iSpy

If you need a premium alternative to iSpy, perhaps to secure your business, then check out VitaminD and GoToCamera. If you need a mobile phone applet that works the same like iSpy does, check out Spycam Lizard.

Visit iSpy homepage

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