Crack Truecrypt passwords with Unprotect

Unprotect is a free brute force program custom designed to attack encrypted Truecrypt containers, it works with Truecrypt6.0 and above, there is no support for external encrypted devices and full disk encryption, another limitation is that containers encrypted using a keyfile or a cascade algorithm, ie. AES-Serpent, are not supported either.

Truecrypt default settings use AES for encryption, without cascade mode, it is highly likely that the encrypted container will have been encrypted using it, if the user is a newbie who does not understand the consequences of using a cascade algorithm and does not bother reading the manual (most people don’t), he will not have risked changing the default Truecrypt settings. Truecrypt password recovery Truecrypt password recovery

Unlike other hard to use brute force software like John the Ripper, Unprotect makes it easy for the home user to have a go at cracking a Truecrypt container, the program has a series of checkboxes where you can choose the password length to try in between two values and further details like if the password contains lowercase, uppercase, punctuation characters, special characters and numbers. The more you can remember about your forgotten password the quicker an easier it will be to crack the Truecrypt container.

There is a detailed progress bar reading how many passwords have been tried, the remaining passwords left to be tried and the estimated time to finish. How long it will take to recover your Truecrypt password will depend on the characters settings and password length you have chosen and on how powerful your computer processor is.

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