Quick text encryption with ImmediateCrypt

ImmediateCrypt is a free open source utility written in Java to encrypt text messages, it uses cryptographic standards like the AES256bit cipher, CBC block chaining and PKCS#5 padding, ImmediateCrypt can be installed on a USB thumbdrive, there is no need to have administrator rights to execute it in your computer, something that should be appreciated by those using public computers. In order to decrypt messages both parties will need to have ImmediateCrypt installed, it doesn’t matter what operating system they are using as long as Java is present, the software will work in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/BSD.

To encrypt text simply copy and paste it inside the box, enter a password and click on “Crypt“, the receiver will reproduce the same steps using the “Decrypt” button, the password should have previously been given using secure channels like an encrypted VoIP call or in person.

ImmediateCrypt portable text encryption

ImmediateCrypt portable text encryption

ImmediateCrypt does not have any configuration settings or extra features like a password meter, this is not a high security encryption program in the sense that it would be possible for a virus to read your clipboard text and there is no virtual keyboard making it possible for a trojan to capture keystrokes, but if you are convinced that your computer is 100% secure and your main concern is only stopping man in the middle attacks when you email someone a text message it should be impossible for a third party intercepting the garbled text to decipher what it says.

Immediatecrypt is much easier to use than PGP encrypted email, it is a good way to convince your beginner computer friends to start using encryption as they will not have to spend time learning how it works since everything can be explained in under a minute and it is intuitive.

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