Android SSH Tunnel hides your smartphone IP

You can surf the Internet anonymously using your Android phone installing this free open source app called SSH Tunnel, besides hiding your Android IP for privacy, if you live in China or any other country that censors the Internet, the SSH Tunnel will get around the filter.

SSH Tunnel app has a very easy to use interface, you can create profiles and separate networks using different SSH settings, if you are concerned about privacy you can enable traffic tunneling of all of the installed Android apps (with root access), if you don’t have root access you can still configure single apps to proxy the data transmission, Internet browser being the most obvious.

Android app SSH Tunnel

Android app SSH Tunnel

This app will work everywhere, but it has been designed with the intention to help people in countries with Internet filtering to get around it and it comes with a DNS Proxy to solve the DNS Pollution problem in China, it can also be used by people from outside the USA to listen to restricted music sites like Slacker Radio or Pandora, only available in North America, all you need besides this app is a SSH proxy server provider, most proxy services nowadays only offer VPN, there are few SSH tunnel providers left, one of them is VPNSecure, alternatively just get a shell account that allows SSH tunneling.

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