Clear Android phone private data with History Eraser

This Android phone privacy app will clear your smartphone data with a couple of clicks, it can be configured to erase just a few logs instead of all of them, in one of the screens you select what needs to be erased, on the other you confirm you want the data gone, and that is it, a very easy to operate app that will not only protect you from data leakage if someone access your Android phone without your authorization, it will also gain extra space and free memory.

Android app History Eraser

Android app History Eraser

Clearing up your mobile browser cache can also help making websites to work, by clearing the cache you are forcing a re-download of the data instead of using the cached stored files which might be have been corrupted, History Eraser does not need root to operate. The Android phone History Eraser app can delete your search history, call logs, SMS text messages, clipboard, apps cache files, frequently called list, market search history, Google Map/Gmail/Youtube search history.

If you want to clear Android Phone cache manually: Settings>Applications>Manage>Market>Clear Cache

Visit History Eraser at GooglePlay

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