Cypher Bot for iPhone and iPad message encryption

Cypher Bot is an encryption app for iPhone and iPad, deploying the bullet proof Advanced Encryption Standard 256 bit algorithm securing files and text. Encrypted messages can be sent via email or SMS and saved to your device with just a couple of taps.

You can also import files directly from a Dropbox cloud storage account. The app has a very colourful interface, the default makes this security app look like a child’s interface, appropriate for encryption beginners to work their way around but perhaps maybe not so much fun for the serious kind of people, you can choose from six different themes and change it.

iPhone and iPad encryption Cypher Bot

iPhone and iPad encryption Cypher Bot

Usage is instinctive, this is a symmetric encryption program where you have to share the password with the recipient for the other part to be able to read the files. When you send or post a link bearing the format cypherbot:// and that is tapped by someone with the app, it will automatically open with Cypher Bot, you can post those encrypted notes in any social network without message length limit.

This is an easy to use encryption app with the same downfalls than many of its competitors. Both parts must have the app installed for message encryption to work and it only works with the iPhone, if your partner is on an Android phone you will not be able to securely communicate with him.

I think that it would be advantageous for apps that only work on one device to have some kind of universal web interface where people can copy and paste encrypted text and read it regardless of what phone they are using, it would not be as secure as device to device communication, but it would better than forcing your friends to buy certain phone brand. On the positive side, there is a Mac OS X Cypher Bot app that is compatible with the iPhone app.

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