Islamic terrorists release Mobile Encryption Program for Android phones

The Global Islamic Media Front, a Jihadist propaganda arm for Alqeda, Somalia’s al-Shabaab and the Pakistani Taliban, has released an encryption program for Android and Symbian smartphones.

Originally named “Mobile Encryption Program” it is being advertised as being able to send encrypted SMS messages and files as a way for “fighters in the frontline” to securely communicate in between them. The program is using the Twofish algorithm in CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) mode, the program is based in public key encryption and digital fingerprints can be displayed to make sure that encryption keys have not been tampered with. Encrypted messages can be exchanged in Arabic and English using up to 400 characters, one of the settings allows you to enter SMTP and POP3 hostnames detailing port numbers to send encrypted files via SSL email, it will work with any SMTP email provider.

Ballkan Islamik Media Front video

Ballkan Islamik Media Front video

Various terrorist groups, like Alqeda in Yemen, encourages its supporters to communicate with them using encryption programs produced by their propaganda arm.

Global Islamic Media Front programmers have avoided the AES algorithm, a US government standard, but it is highly unlikely that a couple of guys in the bedroom can defeat the best mathematicians the NSA can hire and billions of dollars of budget available to crack it. With all of the available open source encryption program this is totally uncalled for, they could have easily saved themselves the effort, unless of course the CIA wanted them to release this tool.

As soon as you spot that The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan financial department is using a Gmail address and most terrorist related files are hosted in American servers, you can tell that everything is under control. However, the GIMF is highly skilled at creating amazing videos with beautiful background music and footage to recruit new members.

The Global Islamic Media Front official download site is down at the moment but you can read the announcement at the usual jihadist terrorist NSA monitored forums, like Ansar1, Ballkan-Islamic or Shumukh al-Islam forum.

Ansar1 announcement of Mobile Encryption Program (Jihadist forum gone)

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