Smartphone privacy Internet browser Dolphin Zero

Dolphin Zero is a privacy focused Internet browser for Android (iOS version planned). It does not store visited internet sites, cookies, passwords, favicons, or cache. Dolphin Zero is analogous to your desktop Internet browser privacy or Incognito mode with the distinction that in this browser privacy mode is always on by default.

The browser’s default search engine is DuckDuckGo, a searcher that does not log computer IP or keep tracks of its users. If you are not happy with DuckDuckGo you can easily swap it to Google or Bing tapping on the toolbar.

This browser will not block advertisements or scripts, your online movements will still be tracked by websites during each Internet session but on closing the window you will see an animated shredder graphic telling you that all temporary cookies and files have been erased. Websites will not be able to track your movements for more than one session at the time, the downside is that settings will never be saved.

Smartphone privacy Internet browser Dolphin Zero

Smartphone privacy Internet browser Dolphin Zero

Do not be fooled by the shredding graphic, Dolphin Zero does not wipe data, it simply does not store it on the phone’s or SD card to start with. Your Internet session runs in RAM memory that vanishes when you close down the browser. This method is safer than erasing the data after it has touched the memory card. The Dolphin Zero browser main function is to protect you from people who could get hold of your mobile device, and it does it well.

Dolphin Zero has Do Not Track enabled, a quirk in the HTTP browser headers indicating all websites you visit that you don’t want them to monitor your online behaviour to serve you advertising based on the pages you visit. However, only a few companies considerate this request and it is not compulsory to do so by law.

Dolphin Zero is the privacy version of the long established Dolphin browser, hinting at a valuable development team behind the program, Dolphin Zero is compatible with all websites I tried it on and my experience has been that it is more polished to have a dedicated privacy browser to visit websites you don’t want anybody to know about, than switching in between private and non private tabs that are easily forgettable or mixed up.

I find it very effective having Dolphin Zero installed alongside my main browser, I missed bookmarking but that feature would defeat the whole purpose of hiding the list of sites you visit. This browser is perfect to keep visited sites secret from anybody with access to my phone and to reduce online tracking, undoubtedly I am keeping this app.

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