Firefox addon warns you of NSA PRISM surveillance

Dark Side Of The Prism is a Firefox addon that will show a dark PRISM logo on your screen every time you visit a website that is known to allow gathering of user’s data to the US National Security Agency. The addon will work on a company’s main website and all of its associated services.

For example, the Bing search engine is included in the list of PRISM websites along with all other Microsoft owned websites because Microsoft was named in the leaked NSA documents listing partner companies.

Dark Side Of Prism Firefox addon

Dark Side Of Prism Firefox addon

This addon is a good way to remind yourself that you are being spied on at all times on the Internet and it will also play Pink Floyd’s aural prism “Dark Side Of The Moon” album while it shows the PRISM logo, different tracks will play on different sites. The looped music can get a little over your head as there is no way to mute it other than leaving the site, Dark Side of the Prism will force you to close the tab and go to an alternative company or you will get stuck with annoying music and a scary black logo.

The source code is available for review in case you are paranoid and suspect this addon could be another NSA invention to spy on people.

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