Moscrack wireless WPA cracking with cluster computers

The Multifarious On-demand Systems Cracker is a Perl application based on Aircrack-NG to crack wireless WPA keys using cluster computers, it can be deployed in Mosix, an operating system distributed across multiple Linux machines taking advantage of conglomerated computer processors or run in collective SSH nodes, clusters can be build up with any Unix operating system, including the iPhone, MacOSX, or Windows and Cygwin, it has also been tested on an Android phone running as a SSH node, best of all you can run Moscrack on the cheap from the Amazon EC2 cloud computing platform.

The program splits a word list into chunks and processes them in parallel in between all of the nodes. If you don’t have access to a computer cluster it is possible to use Moscrack with CUDA,  an NVIDIA parallel computing platform implemented in graphics cards, you will need to install  aircrack-ng-cuda and adjust moscrack.conf (configuration file).

Moscrack cloud wireless WPA cracking

Moscrack cloud wireless WPA cracking

Moscrack command line interface shows a word list progress expressed in percentage, estimated completion time, running time, server status, cluster speed and other very complete verbose data, GUI interface is optional, it will be more suitable that you run the command line version to feel comfortable from the shell helping you to understand how concepts work, the GUI is pretty basic.

The program has been designed to run for weeks or months, you can leave it on and forget about the program until the job is done, functions go beyond WPA cracking, adding the Dehasher plugin will compare SHA256/512, DES, MD5 and Blowfish hashes to crack them, if you don’t wish to install this tool in your computer, a Moscrack Live CD running Suse Linux is available for download.

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