Dooble privacy Internet browser encrypts browsing data

Dooble is an open source platform independent (Windows,Mac and Linux) Internet browser designed for privacy that comes with a secure P2P email client and serverless messenger called Interface, the browser rendering engine is based on WebKit, the same that Apple Safari uses, pages should look the same in both browsers. Dooble doesn’t need installation, it can run from a USB thumbdrive.

After launching this privacy browser for the first time you will be asked to enter a passphrase to secure your Internet session, the passphrase must be composed of a minimum of 16 characters or it won’t be accepted. Once it has been set up your Internet browsing history, cookies, cache, bookmarks, favicons and downloads will be encrypted using AES256 and SHA512 by default, itirations, encryption algorithm and salt length can all be changed in the Settings tab.

The security tab allows you to choose always HTTPS for websites when available, see  the website IP address, hide your referrer, set the browser to Do Not Track, suppress redirections and automatically sweep cookies every hour. Creating a new profile is done with a GnuPG encryption key, you can have various browsing profiles each one of them containing own preferences.

Dooble privacy Internet browser

Dooble privacy Internet browser

With the same browser you will be able to access I2P websites, an anonymous network routing traffic like tor does. I2P anonymously hosted websites are known by the extension .i2p and called eepsites, not accessible through regular Internet without installing special anonymizing software first, Dooble browser search box in the toolbar includes alternative search engines like Blekko, YaCy and WolframAlpha.

There are proxy configuration settings for HTTP and the integrated FTP client supporting Socks proxy. Dooble has a clean but simple interface, it needs 80MB free space to run and it loads quickly with low CPU usage, there are not many functional extras but it does all you need an Internet browser to do and its main selling point is obviously security, if you need to move in between computers with a portable browser Dooble will protect you in case of losing your thumbdrive but it will do nothing against trojan horses installed in a public computer and some countries make it a criminal offense to refuse to disclosure your password to law enforcement when requested, in those cases Dooble encrypted Internet browsing cache will not be of much help.

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