Mobile phone password manager WISeID

WISeID is a password manager available for Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry, it has been designed to locally encrypt data in your phone using AES256, a very secure uncrackable algorithm that is a US government standard. You will be asked to enter a master password after installing the app, to unlock the database you can use a combination of face recognition or dot pattern together with the passphrase.

Inside the app everything can be categorized into passwords, bank accounts, social network logins, credit cards, email accounts and others, data can be searched and optionally synced across devices using a Dropbox account.

WiseID smartphone password manager

WiseID smartphone password manager

After storing the username and password for a website inside WISeID you can launch the URL to automatically log in, saving you time. The encrypted data is kept in the mobile device at all times, unlike Lastpass, there is no central server where accreditations are communicated. WISeID is open to the choice of registering with them and get a free X.509 digital certificate called WISeKey’s Personal ID or eID that can be used to encrypt and digitally sign email messages.

There is no way to recover your data if you lose your master password, no backdoor built in. At the moment of writing WISeID is free, if this changes you might want to look into KeePass mobile password manager instead.

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