Encrypted data backup with Powerfolder

Powerfolder is a free program for Windows, Mac and Linux to securely share, sync and backup your computer files, locally or in the cloud, if you choose to backup your data online you will be offered a free account with 1GB of free space, this is not necessary as the program can be used to do offline backups, if you decide to use the cloud option all data transfers will be encrypted using SSL (transfer) and AES (storage), to open an online account only requires entering an email address, which does not need to be verified, and the password of your choice.

Powerfolder interface is easy to use, skinnable and with lots of configuration options, the software can be used to synchronize data in between computers on a LAN (Local Area Network) with real time data sync status showed on the screen, you can choose what to backup with a simple tick on a checkbox next to each folder.

PowerFolder encrypted data backup

PowerFolder encrypted data backup

To share files online you just need to go to the Folders tab and follow the wizard where you will be offered what files to share and where to send an invitation key, in order for someone to access your data they will need to enter that secret key first. PowerFolder cloud storage can be accessed through the iPhone or Android through a specially made mobile portal (m.powerfolder.com), browser file downloads are made using an encrypted SSL connection, you can view and play audio files online too. Powerfolder software scans local folders for changes and uploads/erases the data as necessary, bandwidth taken by PowerFolder can be limited, a proxy and specific ports chosen, the plugins tab lets you configure advanced settings, like adopting UDT connections instead of TCP, encryption security level and setting up a dynamic DNS.

I would have preferred it if the help manual wasn’t only available online, and the free 1GB online space is not enough to hold all of my important data, I could not find any other flaw to this very fine secure data backup software.

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