Top 5 Windows Mobile Phone security apps

Windows Phone apps

SecureID: Password manager and data vault for your Windows phone, it encrypts all data using AES256, it can encrypt any kind of data, including audio recordings. The passwords can be classified into categories and searched, a password generator indicating password strength is included.

 7pass: Non official version of open source Keepass password manager for Windows mobile phones, it is compatible with Keepass desktop edition in your PC, it can securely store usernames and passwords as well as credit card details and notes, you will need a master password to access the encrypted database. It includes a password generator just like the original Keepass for PC.

Message Encryption: It can encrypt text messages using the encryption key of your choice, after encryption it will send the message to the person you choose, using the same window you can decrypt received messages, lean on configuration settings and features, but easy to use.

Password Vault: Windows Phone 7 app to securely store passwords, financial information and images, the application encrypts and groups data as Financial, Internet, Personal and Others. Instant search helps you to find out what you want when you need it, stored notes have a preview and can be edited, all you need to access your data is the master password.

¬†Secure Keys: Secure configurable password generator, it creates a hard to crack password with numbers, letters and special characters all based on the passphrase you entered, making it easy for you to remember your password yet hard for others to guess. The created password isn’t saved on the phone or sent over the Internet making it impossible for someone to know it other than looking at the screen on the phone.

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